Pro Club Services

Pro Club Services:

At Better Golf Shot, we can also provide additional professional club services. These items can help the serious golfer that looks for any edge to improve his or her game. Anyone with a basic understanding of the finer technical aspects of golf club tuning can benefit. These are items that pro golfers have been using for years to improve their play. But these services are not just for professionals. Amateur golfers can greatly improve their club performance as well.

More specific detailed information on these individual services is listed on the drop-down menus.

  • Loft/Lie Adjustment
  • MOI Speedmatching
  • Shaft Puring
  • Hot Melt Clubheads
  • FLO Plane Orientation
  • Shaft Spining/Alignment
  • Frequency Matching
  • Shaft Adapter Installation
  • Shaft Torque Measurement
  • Club Swing Weight Change