Left-Handed Golfers

About 90% of all golfers play the game right-handed. Among those who play left-handed, some do so even though they do everything else with the right hand. There are far fewer equipment choices for lefties. But whether you hit with the right or left hand, the principles for choosing clubs and playing with them are the same.

However, finding golf equipment can be more difficult for left-handed golfers. Most golf shops have lots of equipment choices for right-handed people, but few if any clubs for lefties to try out. Additionally, golf instructions are mostly written from the perspective of a right-handed person. Holding a golf club is the same for a left-handed golfer, except that the dominant and non-dominant hands are reversed.

We do build, repair, and fit clubs specifically for the left-handed golfer. Our Fitting Club sets do include left-handed clubs in both graphite and steel shafts as well as different head types and shaft sizes. If you are a lefty looking for a complete fitting program – you are covered with us. Our machines, tools, and equipment are set-up and can be modified to accommodate any issues with left-handed clubs.

With the limited selection in left-handed clubs, sometimes the club you see for a right-handed golfer is not available in a left version. In many cases, we can make you a similar club to match the characteristics you are looking for whether it is a wood, iron, wedge, or putter. This may involve assembling a club from scratch, or adjusting a left-handed club to meet your desired specifications. We can even revamp an old club for you to fit a new profile.