Men’s Golf Clubs

Men’s Golf Clubs

Men are the luckiest group of golfers in the world. Clubs for men have the most choices available when it comes to golf clubs with an array of options. Manufacturers tend to focus on this group since it comprises the majority population of golfers nationwide. However, with so many choices of club types, club heads, shafts, and grips – getting custom fit should be strong consideration and most golfers who have experienced it will qualify that it improved their overall game play.

Every man still has his own individual swing mechanics and physical strengths & weaknesses that can be addressed with a custom fitting. This will maximize an individual’s level of play and elevate their interest in the game, while also reducing the frustration that can arise on occasion. For male golfers, the game of golf is all about consistency. The better your clubs fit – the better you will hit.

Contributing Factors

However, if your body changes you will need club adjustments. Changes can occur from one season to the next or over a period of years. If your physical condition changes, so will your swing. This means that your clubs must be adjusted to fit the new shape. For example, gaining or losing significant weight. Injuries or posture changes can also create the need to adjust your clubs. Perhaps age is just gaining on you and there is some noticeable loss of swing speed.

But, you do not need to go out and purchase brand new clubs. Nor, do you need a complete new fitting. Your clubs can be retrofitted and adjusted by a good club technician. These changes usually cost 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of a new set of clubs. You can actually gain some of the lost swing speed with the right alterations.