Club Buying Assistance

Are you stuck in the revolving cycle of continual club buying because you are not getting what you need? If you are set on buying new “name-brand” clubs – and you are not very knowledgeable about clubs in general – then have a club technical expert help out for a reasonable fee. A club technician is not a salesman. A club technician is an expert at the technical characteristics and performance of golf clubs for any brand, with a totally unbiased opinion, and zero incentive to have you purchase any one manufacturer’s offering.

Where to You Go for Club Expertise Before Buying?

We also offer consultation services involving club mechanics and advisement of retail offerings available on the market for those people looking to buy new or used clubs. In other words, we will provide on location technical guidance and advice when buying clubs from retailers. It involves us traveling to the location where you will be buying the clubs (with the exception of online purchases) and reviewing your club choices.

We utilize our technical knowledge to assist you in finding and selecting suitable clubs  This involves advice on club dynamics and how club design fits into your level of skill and ability as well as physical attributes or limitations. Each manufacturer has their own engineering, ideas, and design patents. While many designs are similar in appearance, no two will feel or play exactly the same way. They all have different nuances which affect club “playability”. Our knowledge of the “gear effect”, center of gravity, and club design enables us to help you make better choices.

The Playability FactorsОсновные RGB

We use our extensive knowledge of the “playability” factor with different golf club to advise you to choose more wisely. Playability means to evaluate golf clubs on the basis of how easy or difficult they are to play for golfers of different skill levels, with clubs ranging from most-forgiving to least-forgiving.

We place clubs into six different categories, ranging from most-forgiving to least-forgiving: Ultra Game Improvement, Super Game Improvement, Game Improvement, Conventional, Classic and Player Classic. Better players will excel with a club from any category; but most golfers will have a better chance of success with clubs from the game-improvement end of the scale.

Two hours of our Club Buying Assistance is just $35.00, whether we go directly to the store with you – or prep you with notes and knowledge prior to your making a purchase.