Broken Club

Let Us Fix Your Broken Club Correctly!

At Better Golf Shot, we make sure that the replacement shaft fits into your set perfectly in terms of shaft weight, step length, swing-weight, and the correct manufacturer shaft with matching step pattern. If it is not done right – it will not hit correctly.

We automatically PURE Shafts shafts both graphite and steel before we replace it!

No golfer wants to hear the sound of a club shaft snapping. Club shafts made from graphite or steel can all be over stressed and break at times.

Graphite shafts often fracture a single miss hit where the ground does the damage. They can also break from a stress point created by too much epoxy used in the hosel.

Steel shafts can snap from long-term use and bending during repeated ground hits. If you spend a lot of time at the driving range and hit off the mats with concrete underlayment – this does stress the shaft over time. Broken shafts frequently occur at the joint of the club head. The repair process involves boring out the remaining piece from the club head.

Did You Know

Steel Shaft step patterns are patented. Replacing the shaft without matching the pattern can lead to performance issues and lower resale value as well. The shaft pattern has to be preferably an exact match or extremely close. An unmatched steel pattern can dramatically change the performance of that club. Which means a significant change in ball trajectory, accuracy as well as distance.

Graphite shafts have many variable performance characteristics. If not known and matched properly with a replacement shaft that mimics those variables, the club performance may differ greatly from the original. The right replacement graphite shaft can actually improve performance. While, the wrong shaft can negatively alter it.

At Better Golf Shot, we have resources to acquire both newer and older shafts. Our track record for exact matching shafts is over 90% with both steel and graphite shafts.

IMPORTANT: It is always best to save both pieces of a broken shaft for the club technician to spec and repair!