About Us

The long Road to becoming a Highly Qualified Golf Club Technician and Fitting Analyst.

It all began with a passion for the game of golf!

An avid golfer named Ron, who began experimenting with golf clubs founded Better Golf Shot. I’m Ron, and this was an obvious attempt to improve my own play. What followed was a few years of studying various golf techniques, training approaches, styles, methods, and equipment. I finally arrived at the following conclusion. There was one sure way to improve my performance without having to completely alter my physical swing. To focus on the equipment.Three School logos

Discovering the Importance of Golf Clubs

I discovered the key to fitting a person with the right equipment for success. Understanding the physics of ball flight, and the various factors of clubs that affect it. Then fit the individual’s equipment to his or her natural swing tendency.

Further research uncovered that between 35-40% of on-course performance results are directly attributable to club equipment. A golfer’s natural swing motion can not be changed too dramatically. So the equipment must compensate for the nuances of an imperfect swing. Of course, there are exceptional players with near perfect repeatable swings. However, they are usually playing on the different tour circuits.

Learning from Schools and Books

Before Better Golf Shot was founded, I had extensive formal training acquired over several years. I attended all three golf schools operating in the USA at the time. This broad perspective gave me a well-rounded background of education from three different sources. I hold certificates from all three institutions covering golf repair, club fitting, swing mechanics, and custom clubmaking or club building.

I also needed to brush up on my proficiency with high school math & physics. Furthermore, my aptitude for learning about golf mechanics included reading about 30 books on various golf subjects.

Why are We So Different from a Big Box Store like Dick’s or Golf Galaxy?

  1. One major corporation owns these businesses.
  2. They both have the same product offerings and equipment from the same manufacturers in their in-house shops.
  3. They place huge price markups on their products.sport035.ai

At Better Golf Shot, we are a small independent shop. We have products, tools, and equipment sourced from a variety of large and small sources. So we can offer better work, more options and lower prices on products such as shafts and grips.