About Us and Our Training

Our Club Education Translates Into Technical Knowledge

It all began with an innate passion for the game of golf! our business was founded by a gentleman who began fiddling around and experimenting with golf clubs in an attempt to improve his own game. After a few years of studying various golf techniques, training approaches, styles, methods, and equipment – he arrived at the following conclusion. The best way to improve his game without having to completely alter his physical swing was to focus on the equipment.Three School logos

He learned that the key to fitting a person with the right equipment was understanding all of those factors which relate either directly or indirectly to hitting the ball more solid. Further research uncovered that around 40% of on-course performance results were directly attributable to club equipment. Because a person’s natural swing motion can only be changed to a limited degree – the equipment must compensate for the nuances of an imperfect swing.

Intrigued by the challenge of learning the various “playability factors” that were inherent to golf club designs, he studied books and experimented with numerous facets of club design. This eventually led to acquiring formal training at several prestigious golf schools. Having a proficiency with math and physics with an aptitude for mechanics – that gentleman made himself into a qualified Club Technician and Fitting Analyst.

Why are We So Different from a Big Box Store like Dick’s, Golf Galaxy, or Golfsmith?

  1. Because all of these brands are owned by one major corporation.
  2. They all have the same product offerings and equipment from the same manufacturers in their in-house shops.
  3. Their product offerings are limited to products with huge price markups.

At Better Golf Shot, we are a small independent shop with products, tools, and equipment sourced from a variety of large and small sources – so we can offer better work, more options, and lower prices on products such as shafts and grips.