School Golf Program

High School and College Student Golfers

We Offer Big Discounts for Students

We have been doing club work for individuals going on four years now. A couple of local area golf coaches have brought in clubs from their high school golf team players. At Better Golf Shot, we are aware of the fact, high school players are not always playing with the best equipment, and often it is not a good fit for their swing. As a student in high school or college – just present us with a valid school ID to take advantage of our discounted prices for students.

Hence, to be in agreement with our mission statement, we are reaching out to Northeast, OH area schools:

Offering Savings Up to 50% Off’(with valid student I.D.) On club fittings, repairs, retrofits, alterations, custom clubs, or any club zone sign

Additional Special Discounts for Group Club Evaluations and Fittings.

We will come to your local home golf course driving range and perform fitting services for your teams. As our other fitting sections denote – we fit all clubs including drivers, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters.

NOTE: All individual & group club evaluations and fittings are done at your school’s home course.

$5.00 per club
8 Styles available

For Additional Information, you can reach Ron Centa at Better Golf Shot: 216-403-3706