Club Cleaning, Refinishing, Polishing

Putting a Fresh Spin on Your Club Head Faces

This is a very hands-on process First, we apply specific chemicals to remove dirt and tarnish without damaging the finish. Second, we use a series of 4 abrasive to fine tools that remove club facial nicks and scratches from stainless steel metal woods, and irons with unique compounds during the process. These 4 specialty tools handle deburring, polishing, finishing, and buffing to put a high-gloss polish finish on iron and metal wood heads and wood sole plates..

While deep scratches and gauges may not be able to be completely removed – this process can get your clubs to a look close to the original appearance when new.

NOTE: You may also want to consider adding our irons re-grooving service when having your clubs cleaned and polished.

ALSO NOTE: A few surfaces on some Club Woods that have a dark stained finish can be subjected to this process, but it will remove the dyed dark pewter or black finish. The clubface will become the natural silver underneath.