Club Cleaning, Buffing, Polishing

Putting a Fresh Spin on Your Club Head Faces

Remove Damaging Oxidation, Corrosion, Rust and Dings on Your Clubs.

This is a very hands-on process and important to keep your clubs in great playing condition. First, we apply specific chemicals to remove dirt and tarnish without damaging the finish. Furthermore, the chemicals stop corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

Second, we apply unique rubbing compounds. Finally, we utilize a series of 4 abrasive to fine grinds. This process removes club facial nicks and scratches from stainless steel metal woods, and irons. Whereby, these 4 specialty tools handle deburring, polishing, finishing, and buffing. Besides that, they put a high-gloss polish finish on iron and metal wood heads and wood sole plates.

This important process can get your clubs looking much closer to their original appearance. Heavy deep scratches and dings may not be able to be completely removed. Some special manufacturer finishes can not be exposed to this process.

Consider Adding Our Iron Re-grooving Service.