Clubs for Beginners

When we speak about club fitting for beginner golfers, our meaning is adults that are just starting out playing golf. The most important factor in finding the best golf club sets for beginners is value, which is a combination of cost and quality. Too much money is wasted by golfers on bad clubs that were cheap, and used clubs that do not fit. A wise selection of golf clubs should strike a balance between price, quality, and playability. Playability is a very key factor, which will enable the golfer to rapidly improve. It is a fact that some types and styles of clubs are more difficult to hit than others. Without the necessary improvement and progress, it is very easy for the beginner golfer to become frustrated and give up playing the game.

No matter whether you are buying – used clubs or new clubs – we can help. With used clubs, we can properly fit them to your swing to maximize a quicker progression of improvement in your game. If you desire to have a new set, their are some excellent quality generic or clone brand clubs that we can build for you at a much lower cost then the same name-brand models. Stepping up to a better set that may be more challenging is always an option as you improve on the course.

Beginner golfers should always take the easiest path to rapid improvement and it rarely involves using a pro type set. Experienced golfers can hit clubs with a higher level of difficulty because they have already developed a consistent swing and some of the intangibles to striking the ball with different types of clubs.