UST Mamiya Elements Wind (Hybrids)

UST Mamiya’s advanced research lab has uncovered new data that proves Mid-Flex Stability is the most important feature in the golf shaft for spin and launch. The research to isolate the benefits of Mid-Flex Stability has led to the design and extension of the mid-section profile to enhance performance, reduce dispersion and increase ball speed. The result is longer, straighter and more accurate shots!

Flex/Length               Weight/Code

90 R Flex – 42″, .370″ tip (89gm) 3B2H
90 S Flex – 42″, .370″ tip (89gm) 4B2H
90 X Flex – 42″, .370″ tip (89gm) 5B2H

Product Price: $115.00
SKU: US0077

Product Features

Weight 89 grams
Length (Uncut) 43 inches
Bend Point Mid/low
Torque 2.3
Tip Stiffness Firm