Super Stroke – Ultra Slim 1.0

This design is only 1” in diameter, compared to the 1.67” Fatso and 1.3” Slim designs. Its smaller design opens up the oversized putter grip to more golfers looking to experiment with a putter grip that will straighten out your putts. The UltraSlim is 24% smaller than the SuperStroke Slim grip.

Available Colors: Black/White, Silver/Black, Red/White, Green/White, Royal/White, Orange/White, Pink/White

Size/Style                    Weight/Color

.580″ (Non-Taper) 65g Putter – Black/White Midnight
.580″ (Non-Taper) 65g Putter – Silver/Black Midnight
.580″ (Non-Taper) 65g Putter – Black
.580″ (Non-Taper) 65g Putter – Red
.580″ (Non-Taper) 65g Putter – Blue
.580″ (Non-Taper) 65g Putter – Lime
.580″ (Non-Taper) 65g Putter – Orange
.580″ (Non-Taper) 65g Putter – Pink


Product Price: $17.00
SKU: ST0019