Lamkin – Wrap Tech

Features an exclusive double-helix pattern, combined with the ACE performance advantage that delivers the perfect blend of grip comfort and control. Revolutionary wrap-style grip with dual surface textures for superior comfort and traction. Unbuffed surface provides extreme tackiness for extraordinary tack and shock absorption. Slip-free performance in all weather conditions. Slightly softer feel ideal for players who don’t wear a glove.

Available Colors: Black/White, Black/Black, Black/Red

Size/Style                  Weight/Color

.580″ (Rnd) 52g Standard – Black/White
.580″ (Rnd) 52g Standard – Black/Blue
.580″ (Rnd) 52g Standard – Black/Red
.580″ (Rnd) 63g 1/16 Midsize – Black/White
.580″ (Rnd) 78g 1/8 Oversize – Black/White


Product Price: $7.50
SKU: LK0123