Lamkin I-Line Putter

These putter grips feature a softer feeling thermo-plastic elastomer and an etched crossline surface pattern that combines to create a versatile grip that provides maximum feedback and comfort. Tacky material and high traction texture promote an ideal light pressure grip.

Available Colors: Black, Turquoise, Orange, Magenta, Yellow, Lime

Size/Style           Weight/Color

.580″ (Pistol) 61g Putter – Black
.580″ (Pistol) 61g Putter – Lime
.580″ (Pistol) 61g Putter – Orange
.580″ (Pistol) 61g Putter – Yellow
.580″ (Pistol) 61g Putter – Turquoise
.580″ (Pistol) 61g Putter – Magenta

Product Price: $14.00
SKU: LK0114
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