Lamkin Crossline 3GEN ACE

The Crossline ACE 3GEN grip, made with the proprietary Advanced Cohesive Elastomer material. Designed by Lamkin chemists to deliver the ultimate in grip tackiness, the ACE material is a significantly tackier and slightly softer new synthetic rubber compound. The enhanced surface tack, combined with the high-traction Crossline texture, provides golfers with an incredibly secure grip connection. Because the gripping stability is delivered through the grip material and surface pattern, golfers are able to use the light, tension-free pressure necessary for optimizing swing speed and distance. The 3GEN performance advantage delivers unmatched vibration dampening and superior durability.


  • All the benefits of 3GEN material.
  • Surface pattern provides maximum grip surface area, allowing unparalleled tack and feel.
  • Delivers unmatched vibration dampening and superior durability.

Size/Style           Weight/Color

.580″ (Rnd) 52g Standard – Gray
.580″ (Rnd) 63g 1/16″ Midsize – Gray
.580″ (Rnd) 78g 1/8″ Oversize – Gray
.580″ (Rnd) 44g Undersize – Gray

Product Price: $7.00
SKU: LK0093