Aldila VS Proto (Hybrids)

The Aldila VS Proto graphite hybrid shaft utilizes Micro Laminate Technology combined with Carbon Nano Tubes with Aldila’s proprietary A65 Peformance Resin System to produce unparalleled performance and feel


  • .370″ tip diameter
  • Designed with Micro Laminate Technology™ – constant taper wall thickness that increases consistency of flex and bend points
  • Designed to produce both accuracy and distance.

Flex/Length      Weight/Code

R Flex – .370 tip (84g) 3B1H
S Flex – .370 tip (84g) 4B1H
X Flex – .370 tip (86g) 5B1H

Product Price: $37.00
SKU: AL0052

Product Features

Weight 84, 84, 86 grams
Length (Uncut) 42 inches
Bend Point Low/Mid
Torque 2.0
Tip Stiffness Medium/Soft