Aldila Rip Phenom NL (Woods)

The Aldila RIP Phenom NL is the stiffest tip, lowest launch shaft currently available from Aldila. It incorporates Aldila’s Tour proven RIP Technology with a unique shaft design to create a new and innovative flex profile for maximum distance and control. We call this new technology the Hyperbolic Flex Zone. It features a very stiff tip section to promote lower launch and spin control with a very firm butt section for an incredible stable feel, while the center section of the shaft is softer to provide unmatched kick through impact for maximum ball speed.

Flex/Length               Weight/Code

60 R  Flex – 46″, .335″ tip (59gm) 3B1M
60 S  Flex – 46″, .335″ tip (63gm) 4B1M
60 X  Flex – 46″, .335″ tip (68gm) 5C1M
60 TX Flex – 46″, .335″ tip (66gm) 5.5C1H
70 S  Flex – 46″, .335″ tip (71gm) 4C1M
70 X  Flex – 46″, .335″ tip (76gm) 5C1M
70 TX Flex – 46″, .335″ tip (75gm) 5.5C1H

Product Price: $185.00
SKU: AL0045

Product Features

Weight 59, 63, 68, 66 grams
Length (Uncut) 46 inches
Bend Point High
Torque 4.2, 3.8, 3.5, 2.8
Tip Stiffness Soft