Putter Grips

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Putter grips are often confused with other golf club swing grips. But there are a few major differences between the two. Putter grips are obviously meant for exclusively for putters, and thus, they are shaped accordingly. They are exclusively meant only to fit putters, and cannot be interchanged as grips for hybrids, drivers, and fairway woods, primarily because all of these necessarily require evenly round ones. In fact, some golfers put putter grips on chippers and wedges – but this makes them non-conforming by USGA rules standards. For all other clubs, the grips must have their axes coinciding with the axes of the shafts. This is not the case with putter grips.

The putter grip is meant to enhance the player’s hold on the club and enable a steady back and forth pendulum swing. The right putter grip can promote firm and steady control over the putter’s movements. A putter grip can be made up of different materials but a player should choose one that provides both comfort and feel. The putter grip usually has a tapered end come in a variety of sizes. Again, proper sizing is an important factor. Too large and the swing motion will be erratic and twisting at impact. Too small and the control over distance and force at impact will be difficult to achieve.

As per the USGA rule, it is only the putter grip that can have a leveled, flat surface, because of the sole reason that a putter shot will require a corresponding alignment. On the other hand, the grips for other regular clubs do not come with any particular alignment aid. While most putter grips are tend to feature smooth soft surfaces, some may also come with a contoured texture, with a look very similar to the grip of a pistol. They come in a range of hand sizes from undersized, to standard, medium, oversize, and even jumbo sized. They come in tapered as well as non-tapered straight designs.

Putter grips usually are priced higher than regular swing grips. Some even offer graphics that promote proper hand position and alignment. Grips for putters are generally heavier in weight than other grips and can be balanced with any of the many different putter head designs available today. Weight balance with putters can assist the golfer to deploy a more consistent and accurate swing.