SteelFiber Powercoil 50 (Woods)

Aerotech’s Powercoil technology combined with low torque make this graphite wood shaft stable enough for even the most powerful players – .335″ tip diameters only.

Powercoil 50 Series

  • Designed with Aerotech’s Powercoil technology, which holds the golf shaft round for added stability and more consistent contact with the ball

Flex/Length          Weight/Code

50 FL Flex (A)  – .335 tip (51g) 2B2M
50 R  Flex – .335 tip (51g) 3B2M
50 S  Flex – .335 tip (51g) 4B2M

Product Price: $40.00
SKU: AT0006W

Product Features

Weight 51 grams
Length (Uncut) 48 inches
Bend Point Mid
Torque 4.9, 4.6, 4.2
Tip Stiffness Medium