MPF Irons

Maltby Playability Factor (MPF) shafts are a solid choice for golfers when changing shafts.


  • Tip structure and design provide stability and consistency
  • Designed for the mid to low handicap player seeking more distance and control

Flex/Length          Weight/Code

A Flex 41″ – .370 tip (67g) 2D3S
R Flex 41″ – .370 tip (75g) 3B3M
S Flex 41″ – .370 tip (85g) 4B2M

Product Price: $23.00
SKU: MA0251

Product Features

Weight 67, 75, 85 grams
Length (Uncut) 41 inches
Bend Point Low, Low/Mid, Mid
Torque 4.7, 4.0, 3.3
Tip Stiffness Soft, Medium, Med/Firm