Miyazaki Silver Kusala

The Miyazaki Silver Kusala graphite wood shaft is designed to produce a higher launch trajectory. Miyazaki is already a winning golf shaft on the PGA Tour.


  • .335″ tip diameter
  • Low torque, softer shaft tip design
  • Ultra light weight design produces more club head speed for improved distance

Flex/Length     Weight/Code

61 X Flex – .335 tip (63g) 5B3M
72 X Flex – .335 tip (71g) 5B2M
83 X Flex – .335 tip (82g) 5B2M

Product Price: $205.00
SKU: MY003

Product Features

Weight 63, 71, 82 grams
Length (Uncut) 46 inches
Bend Point Mid/Low
Torque 3.6
Tip Stiffness Medium/Soft