KBS Tour 610 (Wedge)

The KBS 610 WEDGE shaft delivers a lower, more penetrating ball flight with controlled spin. This wedge-specific shaft allows skilled players to produce knock-down and other workable shots into and around the green.


  • Lower more penetrating ball flight with controlled spin
  • Wedge specific shaft design for easier knock-down and other workable short game shots
  • Available in R (110g), S (120g) and S+ (125) flex/ weight options.

Flex/Length               Weight/Code

Wedge R Flex 37″ – .355″ Tip (110g) 3B1H
Wedge S Flex 37″ – .355″ Tip (120g) 4C1H
Wedge S+ Flex 37″ – .355″ Tip (125g) 4.5C1H

Product Price: $35.00
SKU: FS0040

Product Features

Weight 110, 120, 125 grams
Length (Uncut) 37 inches
Bend Point High
Tip Stiffness Stiff