KBS Hybrid

KBS Steel Hybrid Shafts are ideal for today’s high performing hybrid club heads.


  • .370″ tip diameter
  • Features a gradual stepless taper starting at the anchor location (between the hands) and continuing to the tip just above the hosel

Flex/Length    Weight/Code

R Flex – .370 tip (100g) 3B2H
S Flex – .370 tip (105g) 4B1H
X Flex – .370 tip (110g) 5C1H

Product Price: $35.00
SKU: FS0020

Product Features

Weight 100, 105, 110 grams
Length (Uncut) 43 inches
Bend Point Mid, Mid/High, High
Tip Stiffness Medium, Med/Stiff, Stiff