KBS HI REV 2.0 Wedge

The KBS HI-REV 2.0 Wedge Shafts feature an active tip section that increases the effective loft of the club head, delivering a higher ball launch with more spin for added stopping power and accuracy.


  • Active tip section
  • Signature step pattern
  • Three flex options
  • .355″ taper tip

Flex/Length           Weight/Code

Wedge R Flex – .355″ tip (115g) 3B3H
Wedge S Flex – .355″ tip (125g) 4B3H
Wedge X Flex – .355″ tip (135g) 5B3H


Product Price: $35.00
SKU: FS0039

Product Features

Weight 115, 125, 135 grams
Length (Uncut) 37 inches
Bend Point Low
Tip Stiffness Soft