Defiant 300 Driver Head

Defiant 300 505cc Driver Head – 10.5 Degree

(Non-Conforming USGA Club Head)

The Defiant 300 Driver is the perfect driver for any player looking to add distance for the pure enjoyment of game outside of USGA competitions. The massive 505cc volume promotes confidence at address due to its massive 505cc volume and projects the appearance of a 44″ length driver at address when using longer 46″ to 48″ finished shaft lengths. The 5064 g-cm² MOI (Moment of Inertia) provides a very stable head at impact and unbelievable forgiveness on off center hits. The thin 15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium forged cup face design produces a measured 300ct (850 COR) to increase distance regardless of swing speed. In a side by side player test comparison of the 2014 best selling OEM driver and the Defiant driver built at identical specifications, the Defiant driver recorded an average increase in distance of 7% (15 yard average total distance increase) which was a direct result of an average ball speed increase of 6% and an average backspin rate decrease of 14%.


  • Massive 505cc volume exceeds USGA size limits for drivers
  • Forged 15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium Cup Face Design at over 5” in face width expands the effective sweet spot by increasing the measured CT over the entire hitting surface.
  • 300 CT greatly exceeds the USGA limit for drivers and increases ball speed by an average of 6%.
  • Extremely high 5064 g-cm² MOI maximizes forgiveness resulting in increased distance on off center hits.
  • 4-pc Precision Forged construction produces a solid sound and feel.
  • A light 195g head weight increases club head speed and allows for longer playing lengths for increased distance.
  • Shallow face design combined with internal forward weighting reduces spin by an average of 14% without reducing the initial launch angle.
  • For maximum distance couple with a 50g ultra lite shaft and assemble at 46″ to 47″.
  • Recommended ferrule – 60PW
Product Price: $120.00
SKU: MA0256
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