Club Grips

We Offer a Larger Selection of Golf Club Grips than Any of the Big Retailers or Online Sellers.grips logo sheet

Selecting a golf grip can be an arduous task considering the wide variety of styles, types, and materials available in the marketplace. The big retailers have specific contracts with grip suppliers and must buy from a select few. They also have sales incentives to move specific grips and steer you to those companies. We purchase from the same major suppliers of grips, but without a contract, also have the ability to buy from and carry grips from many of the alternative suppliers that make excellent grips – often at a lower price point. So, we offer a wider range of grips from more manufacturers than our much larger competition.

Our collection of samples to hold and feel is quite broad with regular grips, oversize grips, and various putter grips. We do also carry belly putter grips. You should always try to check out grips before you buy them so that your personal preferences and needs are met. Grips are a very personal choice with so many options available. During the gripping process, you can choose a normal grip, under wrap – or select one of our proprietary rib or bubble offering.

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