Carry Distance vs. Roll

The real point of contention in the driver-loft debate comes down to whether you get more distance from carry or roll. A driver with more loft carries the ball farther, but it rolls less after it lands; a driver with less loft does not carry the ball as far, but it rolls a long way.

Your angle of attack greatly affects your driver loft. The accepted Rule of Thumb is for every degree of change from level, add or subtract one degree of loft. Carry distance varies by a large degree, due to where you golf and the following conditions including: altitude, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind direction, and weather.

Many experts believe that carry is the more important over roll because it provides you the most distance in wet weather. If conditions are hard and fast, the lower-trajectory driver might roll farther overall, but all drivers will get more roll in those conditions.

Well, much of your ball trajectory is due to the clubs you use. However, we can make adjustments to your gear, which will alter the trajectory dependent upon your preference or wishes. Shafts are a big part of the equation as well as club heads, loft and lie play a role too. Consider having your clubs checked by us if you are currently unhappy with your ball flight trajectory. The type of ball you utilize has very little to do with it. Replacing your shafts does not necessarily need to be expensive. We have shafts from $25.00 up to $400.00 and a different shaft that fits a golfer’s swing can make a serious difference.

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